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The Rock Your Different movement was created on behalf of our son, Rory. He needs to wear an eye patch every day until he's nine years old. He may look different, but he is truly the same as every other child. It's why we've made it our mission to help every person embrace what makes them unique. After all, the things that make us different are exactly what make us awesome! 
We are teaming up with Phoenix Children's Hospital in part because it's a place where Rory has spent a lot of time for his eye condition and more importantly, it is a wonderful place that helps many children. A portion of all proceeds from the Rock Your Different line will benefit those kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital! 


We Want Rock Your Different on Ellen

We are trying to get Rory and Rock Your Different on the last season of The Ellen Show.  We want to share the importance of wearing an eye patch (Rory literally would have lost vision in his "bad" eye) and...

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Please help us make this go viral!  We sent Dierks Bentley the shirt in the picture and we are trying to get him to wear it to his Phoenix Concert on August 26th!  If he does, we will donate to...

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First donation to Phoenix Children's Hospital!!

We are so excited about sending our first donation to Phoenix Children's Hospital!  We will be sending out one check a month and hopefully each month the checks get bigger and bigger!  Thank you all so much for the love...

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