By Jennifer Krienert


Please help us make this go viral!  We sent Dierks Bentley the shirt in the picture and we are trying to get him to wear it to his Phoenix Concert on August 26th!  If he does, we will donate to the charity of his choice as well as Phoenix Children's Hospital as always!  Let's get this hometown guy support RYD!!!!


  • I would like to know if I could buy Rock your difference shirts at Phoenix children’s hospital or is it just online.com

    Dan McCauley on

  • Just put up the link on my law Firm’s weBsite aFter seeing you on the news this morning! Great idEa! Im different too. I have really big scars on my left Arm from multiple surgeries for a chronic bone Disease that began when I was 8 Years old. I was in the hosptial all the tIme. I totally understand feeling different from other kids when i was younger beCause i had those scars, and Arm casts, Pic lines for IV medications – for 5 years! and You are the most amazing kid ever to come up with tHis idea! I wish i sould have had your strength and coolness when i was your age! Keep it up!! – CarisSa jakobe (www.jakobelaw.com and facebook: mendoza jakobe law – ill see if i can get my instagram To promote your website as well). Ps. *aWesome looking eye Patch!!)

    CarisSa Jakobe on

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