Welcome to Rock Your Different!

By Jennifer Krienert

Welcome to Rock Your Different!

Welcome to Rock Your Different! This clothing line was started for our son Rory who has an eye condition, which requires him to patch. We are proud of the fact that he is different, but know at times it can be hard on kids to not feel like they are not the same as everyone else. In reality, what makes us different sets us apart from others and this is something we believe we should all celebrate! We want all kids who have something that makes them different to be proud of it, make it something positive, and ROCK IT! We are hoping to empower all kids who feel different one shirt or hat at a time. We are teaming up with Phoenix Children's Hospital because that is where Rory has had both of his procedures, so it is close to our hearts and it is a wonderful place that helps many children.  Please join us in our efforts by purchasing merchandise and help spread the word....ROCK YOUR DIFFERENT!


  • What a wondeRful idea! Great shirts!!!

    HEather on

  • This is such an amazing business. Giving kids the confidence to be who they are is a priceless gift. So proud of this business. Being a mom with a type 1 diabetic i understand just how important this is!!! God bless you rory and all the kids who Rock there different everyday❤️

    Stephanie cOnwell on

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